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Why Loyal Customers Are Worth More to E-Store Vendors

Did you know that there are more than 1.61 billion ecommerce shoppers online today? That’s over one and a half billion unique opportunities for you to sell your goods and products! E-store vendors spend a lot of time and effort trying to capture new customers, but is this really the right strategy?   Believe it […]

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Apple HomePod VS Amazon Echo: Which One Should You Buy

Apple announced its first ever smart speaker, HomePod, on Monday. The speaker will be powered by virtual assistant Siri. The product is an initiative by Apple to expand into the $50 billion wireless smart speaker industry. The idea of HomePod isn’t new. Amazon, the pioneer in the smart speaker industry, launched its smart speaker, Echo, […]

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WannaCry Ransomware Attack Hits 74 Countries, Shuts Down Hospitals, Services in Europe

There is a major cyberattack currently unfolding in about 74 countries. Thousands of hospitals, mainly based in the UK have been hit by this attack, which is called a ransomware attack by the Russian cybersecurity agency, Kaspersky. The attack reportedly shuts down its targets and then asks for $300 worth of ransomware. Apart from UK […]

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Trump Tower was just evacuated due to suspicious package

The Trump Tower lobby was evacuated on Tuesday afternoon after reports of an unknown package came streaming in.  New York Police Department spokesman J. Peter Donald tweeted that the department’s bomb squad was responding to the report “out of an abundance of caution.” The spokesman soon tweeted an “all clear.” Further reports indicate the bag was […]

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Preparing your Company for a Hard Drive Failure

You’ve worked hard to make your business successful. You’ve carefully selected from qualified applicants, have the latest programs installed into your operating system and keep an open mind in areas that could use improvement. So what would you do if you went into the office and your computer wouldn’t turn on or you went to […]

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Woman Fears Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Calls Madison Fire Department

    A Madison woman called the fire department Thursday, Feb. 11, after she became ill while using a wood-burning stove. An article by the Wisconsin State Journal reported the North Side woman, who lives at a residence on Bonner Lane, feared carbon monoxide poison and wanted the fire department to check her home following […]

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New Study Shows Anti-Aging Is No Longer A Myth

Why Anti-aging Is Not a Myth Anymore Whether it’s a mischievous boy who can fly and will never grow old, a telepathic vampire who falls in love with a young woman, or an elderly man who ages in reverse – there’s no denying that Americans are obsessed with finding the cure for old age. Tales […]