Berkshire Hathaway Invades The Atlanta Real Estate Market

The Atlanta real estate market appears to be in transition, as is the greater U.S. economy.  Back in 2007 when the real estate market collapsed, Atlanta was no exception to the rest of the economy.  Droves of housing developments and single family homes went bankrupt, and the foreclosure rate sky rocketed in metro Atlanta.  Along with the real […]

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Calendar Marketing – Boost Your Marketing Results

Almost every digital platform has been utilized for marketing purposes, and some even to the point of exhaustion. But the one thing on every smartphone, tablet and computer that has largely stayed untouched in terms of marketing, is the calendar. Your calendar is not simply a tool to remind you of events and special celebrations; […]

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4 Businesses or People That Benefit From Social Media Marketing

Social media has an impact on all industries whether it is big or small. Social media can impact some businesses immensely and have business booming with the right strategy. Not all mediums of social media are good for the same industries as some are visual and others are sharing readable content. The following are the […]

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Facebook Introduces Reactions Feature Instead of Dislike Button

  Facebook has been hinting to launch some kind of a ‘dislike’ button since last month. It has now been announced that users on Facebook will be able to respond in more ways to a post other than only ‘liking it’. The new feature is being called ‘Reactions’ instead of ‘dislike’ because it is a […]

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Popular Marketing Techniques Used by Small Businesses

Given the tough competition that they face, small business owners have to look at a variety of ways to try and boost their success levels. Often these smaller and even medium sized businesses have to compete against huge corporations that have been established for years, which is why investing plenty of time and effort into […]

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Facebook Announces Save Links for Reading Later Feature for Mobile and Web

Facebook has announced a new feature which would allow you to save links for later read while scrolling your news feed. This feature is called “Save”. Facebook will launch it for Android, iOS and Web. The company acquired a read-it-later startup “Spool” a couple of years ago, and the reason for the deal is now […]

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21 Year Old Man Drowns in Demi Moore’s Pool

Demi Moore was traveling when she heard the news of a 21 year old man who drowned in her pool. I am in absolute shock,” the 52-year-old actor said in a statement released through her publicist, Heidi Lopata. “I was out of the country traveling to meet my daughters for a birthday celebration when I […]