AT&T Tests New LTE Network

In Plano Texas AT&T demonstrated their  super-fast LTE network.  In the demonstration they were seeing download speeds of nearly 29 Mbps and upload speeds of 10.4Mbps.  For comparison, Verizon Wireless claims download speeds of 5 to 12 Mbps.  According to the engineers that … Continued

Skype’s Android App Now Works On 3G

Skype just announced their new Android app with 3G capabilities. You can now use Skype for voice to voice calling on any Android device on both WiFi connections and now 3G. The Skype iPhone app has had WiFi and 3G … Continued

AT&T Admits Being Overwhelmed by iPhone & Tablets

AT&T has finally humbled itself and admitted that the iPhone simply overwhelmed their data capacity from 2007 thru 2010. And they said that the problem is only going to get worse as more consumers purchase and use smartphones and tablets. … Continued