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Twitter Dominated By The NFL Game Day

Twitter Dominated By NFL As much as the NFL is against social media, you’d think they would find some way to embrace it, especially when you take a quick glance at the trending. I t’s the middle of the afternoon on Sunday, and Twitter is dominated, 8 out of 10 topics, by the NFL! In […]

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Georgia Bulldogs Facebook Fan Page & Bulldog Voices

Let me first invite you to our Georgia Bulldogs Social Network Facebook Fan Page. As you may already know, I’m an avid Georgia Bulldogs football fan.  Plus, I get the added benefit of living right here in Athens, Georgia – home of the University of Georgia and the Georgia Bulldogs!

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How Twitter & Facebook Impacts The Upcoming Football Season

So are you as excited as I am about the upcoming football season?  And I’m talking about both the college football and pro football season here. I’m a Georgia Bulldogs fan actually (please don’t flee from my blog just yet…), and I have the luxury of living here in Athens, Georgia (home of the Dawgs). […]

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SEC Twitter, Facebook Ban Update

Here’s the SEC Twitter, Facebook Ban Update As you remember from yesterday, the SEC was scheduled to update their policies on social media access and sharing during the upcoming football season. Basically, the SEC was getting worried about the use of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc… and the distribution of content, videos, photos, live feeds of […]

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The SEC Wants To Ban Sharing on Twitter, Facebook During Games

Have you heard this one yet? The SEC (South Eastern Conference) is now trying to control, no… eliminate, social media activity from fans during football games. That means leave your iPhone, Blackberry’s, and Twitter / Facebook hungry mobile phones at home – the SEC says you might just be breaking the law if you start […]

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Twitter Launches NFL Football With Bills vs. Titans & Vince Young

Well, if you wanted an early indication of the impact that Twitter will have on the upcoming football season, take a look at the trending topics at 9:30pm eastern time: 4 out of the 6 trending topics are directly related to the Bills / Titan game making reference to “NFL” “Football” “Bills” and “Vince Young”. […]