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Grumble-flick chat site exposes millions of email addresses

Email addresses and passwords of over a million users of a popular sex chat site, YouPorn, were open to all due to a coding error that was undetected since 2007.  The data included customer data, including email addresses.  Hopefully yours wasn’t in there!  Many hackers will browse websites looking for folders in public directories that […]

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The Toll Facebook Can Take on a Relationship

Thanks to Facebook we are provided with a platform to update a status describing the details of our every waking moment, post pictures from that weekend in Vegas that we promised to never speak of, find that long lost crush from middle school and of course, share with all 800 million users the status of […]

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New York Times Sends an Email Blast by Mistake (Not Spam or Hack)

OOPS!  NYT made a huge mistake sending out an email on Wednesday.  They mistakenly sent an email to over 8.6 million people rather than 300.  The email sent out told people they’d cancelled their print subscription, and urged them to reconsider by offering a special discount — 50% off for 16 weeks. Many Twitter followers […]

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Fight SOPA: The internet we know and love is at risk. Help save it.

What is SOPA? SOPA stands for the Stop Online Piracy Act. It is one of two bills being considered by congress today. The other is theProtect-IP Act.  They are well-intentioned. They want to prevent piracy and copyright infringement. But they do so in an overly-aggressive, innovation-endangering way. They allow the entertainment industry to censor sites […]

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Apple Website is Down Today After iPhone 5 Release – Hacked?

Why is the Apple website down?! It appears the Apple website is down today after the launch of the iPhone 5.  Could this be from the amount of traffic that came from the recent release or did a hacker plan this as the perfect day to strike? Here’s the message on their website: Access Denied […]

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Hack Your TV Remote to Auto-Mute Snooki – Enough Already

If you’re like Matt Richardson and are sick of hearing annoying celebrities like Snooky blabber nonsense on TV then you would love his hacked TV remote invention.  He explains in a recent article that he invented an auto-mute TV remote that’s hacked to automatically mute your TV when it hears a keyword. “A while ago […]


Guy Fawkes Emulated in Anonymous Threat To Kill Facebook

In the wake of the threat to kill Facebook on November 5, 2011 by hacker collective Anonymous, the historical figure Guy Fawkes is starting to be looked at pretty intensely.  It is apparent that Anonymous is emulating the threat, or the date, of where Guy Fawkes threatened to take down Parliament on November 5th.  Ironically, […]