Sprint Allows iPad, iPhone To Turn Into 4G

Actually any wireless device, but the iPad and iPhone are two particular mobile devices where customers are clamoring for a 4G version. So all you need to do is purchase a Sprint 4G Overdrive Mobile Hotspot, and then your iPhone, … Continued

Sprint 4G Picked Up in San Jose, California

One of our readers just sent me a message saying he picked up a Sprint 4G signal in San Jose, California. This is odd because the only 4 cities in California that officially have Sprint’s 4G network are Merced, Visalia, … Continued

Sprint 4G Found In Manhattan at 10001 Zip Code

The folks from TechEngadgets have provided an image of their mobile phone verifying Sprint’s WiMAX 4G coverage in Manhattan in the 10001 zip code. By looking at the map location, I’m guessing they were either in or near the New … Continued

Sprint’s 4G WiMAX Lights Up In San Francisco

Last week, Sprint released news stating that their 4G WiMAX network would be coming to New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Well just yesterday, people were reporting from San Francisco that they see 4G lighting up on their 4G … Continued