Verizon To Launch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G, Pricing Here

Verizon Wireless announced the 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available for purchase on July 28th (that’s Friday).  The Verizon Galaxy Tab will be available on Verizon’s 4G LTE network and will reportedly push download speeds between … Continued

Current List of Verizon 4G Cities [2011]

Verizon has a reputation for being the most stable wireless phone carrier in the United States. And although companies like Sprint have been aggressively expanding their 4G coverage, Verizon is quickly becoming the dominant player in this hyper competitive market. … Continued

Verizon 4G Expands To 59 More Cities

In the wake of AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile, Verizon is set to expand their 4G LTE network aggressively in the United States.  Verizon plans on expand the 4G network to an additional 59 cities by the end of 2011. Here’s … Continued