iPhone 5 Release Date Coming Late June?

According to ETNews.com, a Korean news site, the iPhone 5 is scheduled to be released by Apple sometime during the last week of June. ┬áThis speculation comes from ETnews’ confirmation that Korean telecom providers SK Telecom and KT will be one of the first carriers to offer the new iPhone 5.

I’ve wrote previously about 3 must have’s for the new iPhone 5, which includes blue tooth file transfer, quick reply SMS, and a 64GB version. ┬áBut I what I’m now starting to see as the new must have feature for the iPhone 5 is Wave To Paya way for users to make purchases by simply waving their iPhone 5.

Wave to pay technology has been initiated by Google who has already announced plans to partner with CitiGroup and MasterCard.

In my view, this is something that iPhone 5 must include in order to remain relevant in the fast changing world of smartphones.

Some other features that I’d love to see on the iPhone 5:

  • voice to sms (text message)
  • voice turn by turn navigation
  • a better overall voice integration with the device
  • Anonymous

    iPhone 5 should NOT launch in June for following two reasons.

    1) Verizon needes to cover many more areas with LTE to form a “critical mass” that can lead a “virtuous circle” with iPhone 5 similar to what happened with iPhone 3G. For HTC Thunderbolt the “critical mass” is much lower, for iPhone 5 it is not. 95% of the reason.

    2) By postponing the launch Apple can get better components that can lead to better battery life. Again for HTC Thunderbolt it is not that important but it is important for iPhone 5. 5% of the reason.

    Finally, it is your phone, you can damn well launch it anytime you want.