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RSS Graffiti To Remove Usernames From Twitter RSS Feed

rss graffitiThis morning, Yannis Roussochatzakis, (follow him on Twitter @rousso) who is a developer from RSS Graffiti, sent me a message telling me that tomorrow, he is going to work on having the RSS Graffiti app automatically remove the Twitter username from the beginning of the Twitter RSS feed.  I know that I, along with a whole army of people, will be very excited to see this update coming from RSS Graffiti.

RSS Graffiti is the amazing Facebook application that allows you to easily send Twitter updates to your Facebook Fan Page.  However, a lot of people don’t like using their Twitter RSS feed directly because the feed automatically inserts your Twitter username at the beginning of all tweets in the RSS feed.

This looks terrible, and cumbersome, when the feed updates on a Facebook Fan Page.

So we have found a way to tweek the Twitter RSS feed using Yahoo Pipes (read more here), but the problem is that Yahoo Pipes has not white listed RSS Graffiti.  Which means, Yahoo Pipes stops processing the RSS Graffiti app requests – which ultimately means you Twitter updates don’t post to your Facebook Fan Page like they should.

For now, the best alternative is to simply use the RSS feed that Twitter provides you in your Twitter profile, and insert that into RSS Graffiti.

The good thing about using your Twitter provided RSS feed is that it’s very simple to send your tweets to your Facebook Fan Page with RSS Graffiti.

The downside is that your username is always the first thing in your Twitter updates – and again, this really doesn’t look good on a Facebook Fan Page.

I’m sure that Rousso will let me know tomorrow if / when he gets the RSS Graffiti app reconfigured to remove the username from the Twitter RSS feeds.

And as soon as he lets me know – I will let you know!

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