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iPad 4G – How Long Before The iPad 4G Arrives?

iPad 4G – How Long Before The iPad 4G Arrives?

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The writing is on the wall (figuratively speaking) that the iPhone 4G is coming soon!

And of course, Apple just had a conference centered around the new and improved iPhone OS 4.0 version.

So question seems appropriate to ask – how long before the iPad 4G arrives?

With 4G already on the horizon, is it too far a stretch of the imagination that we will see an iPad 4G version coming from Apple?

And I would expect the iPad 4G to show up sooner rather than later.

Of course, with Google now working on their own tablet to compete with the iPad, perhaps we’ll see a 4G tablet from Google before we see an iPad 4G from Apple.

What do you think about the iPad 4G?

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4G is still early on. Currently sprint only offers it in ~25 cities in the US. Check out my post about the long term ROI on iPad 3G vs. IPad Wifi + Sprint Overdrive 4G.

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