Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos Jersey (NFL Store)

tim tebow denver broncos jerseyTim Tebow, Denver Broncos Jersey (NFL Store)

With Tim Tebow being drafted by the Denver Broncos, and considering the fact that “Tim Tebow” and “Denver Broncos” are now absolutely dominating the search volume in Google, you can bet that the Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos jerseys are about to be in high demand.

Although Tim Tebow was drafted number #25 in the NFL draft, it was still at least the first round. And despite the expectation that Tebow wasn’t going to be drafted in the top 5, there was plenty of excitement and media building up around the “Tim Tebow draft selection”.

Tim Tebow decided not to come to New York for the draft, and instead opted to stay at home in Florida to be with family and friends during the 2010 NFL draft. But that didn’t keep the media from coming to him. The Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos announcement was readily available on TV.

Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos Jersey

If you check out the official NFL Jersey’s store, you will not find Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos jersey available (yet…). And when you first check out the NFL Jersey’s store, and then select “Top Sellers”, some of the names you’ll find are Donovan McNabb’s Washington Redskin jersey, and Drew Brees’ New Orlean Saints.

But just wait until Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos jersey hits the NFL store – it will almost immediately hit the #1 top selling position.

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