Justin Bieber Fever – Leave The Kid Alone Already (Video)

justin bieber videoJustin Bieber Fever – Leave The Kid Alone Already (Video)

Justin Bieber – some people in the world love him (understatement of the year…), some hate him (again, understatement of the year), some people just want to stare at his photos, other just want to burn all his photos – some people, like during Saturday Night Live, can’t decide whether they have the hots of him or just want to give him a bath!

Regardless of which why your emotions sway about Justin Bieber, just remember ya’ll, he is still just a kid after all (wow, did that rhyme?).

Justin Bieber does, regardless of how you feel about him, command a lot of attention from people beyond just his screaming teenage girl fan base. He has met President Barack Obama three separate times – and performed for him (I think) each time they met.

Plus he is the youngest kid in history who has ever been recommended to actually host Saturday Night Live – let alone having a leading role on the late night TV show.

All of these, and more, prove that even though Justin Bieber is a pop sensation like so many before him, he is commanding the attention of some pretty high profile individuals – not to mention the hundreds of millions of screaming fans that following him everywhere he goes.

Here’s a funny video commentary on Justin Bieber. This video is rediculously popular on YouTube with well over 2.6 million views.

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