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4 Businesses or People That Benefit From Social Media Marketing

Social media has an impact on all industries whether it is big or small. Social media can impact some businesses immensely and have business booming with the right strategy. Not all mediums of social media are good for the same industries as some are visual and others are sharing readable content. The following are the […]

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The Best Social Media Tips For Lawyers

The fact that some businesses do not have a social media presence to this day is still amazing. Even those in professions like lawyers need to have this presence as it is slowing becoming a great way to market. By not having any form of social media these lawyers are limiting the reach of their […]

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Facebook Introduces Reactions Feature Instead of Dislike Button

  Facebook has been hinting to launch some kind of a ‘dislike’ button since last month. It has now been announced that users on Facebook will be able to respond in more ways to a post other than only ‘liking it’. The new feature is being called ‘Reactions’ instead of ‘dislike’ because it is a […]

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You Can Now Doodle on Facebook Photos Before Uploading: Here’s How

Photo upload has been one feature which has constantly been updated by Facebook; thanks to the ever growing competition between photo sharing apps and social media platforms. Facebook has always proved to be not-so-late at catching up a feature whenever it seemed like capturing the attention of social media users, even if that meant buying some […]

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Facebook Announces Save Links for Reading Later Feature for Mobile and Web

Facebook has announced a new feature which would allow you to save links for later read while scrolling your news feed. This feature is called “Save”. Facebook will launch it for Android, iOS and Web. The company acquired a read-it-later startup “Spool” a couple of years ago, and the reason for the deal is now […]

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3 Things That Will Instantly Improve Your Social Media Strategy

By now, everyone knows that social media is an integral part of a marketing strategy. But simply knowing that has never been enough. You also have to execute on a sustained campaign of social media content that includes multimedia-rich experiences. Let’s face it. Social media can be really hard. It is challenging for average consumers, […]

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How to Send Funny GIFs Directly from Imgur in Facebook Messenger in Android, iPhone

Imgur has introduced a new feature in its Android and iOS app using which you can send reaction GIFs from Imgur directly in Facebook Messenger. This really spice up things; you can post funny, interesting GIFs in chats. A GIF can sum up all the reaction and feeling during an online chat. The process is […]