Reddit Launches Its Own Video Section

Reddit is slowly becoming a big media company and web juggernaut. After crossing 6.7 billion monthly page views and 170 million monthly active users, Reddit has announced a separate video section. The announcement came from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, who … Continued

Malaysia Flight MH17 May Have Been Shot Down

Reports from news stations are showing unconfirmed reports Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has been shot down.  Youtube videos are surfacing showing smoke billowing into the sky.  We will have more updates on this soon.  We are still waiting on confirmation … Continued

Student Teacher Fight Causes a Stir {Video}

There’s a video going around that shows a fight between a teacher and a student.  According to reports, the fight started between the two when a student was confronted regarding drug possession.  The student ended up attacking the teacher.  The … Continued