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An Alternative For Coffee Shops & Free Wifi

Coffee shops are starting to get fed up with people that come in, buy a $1 cup of coffee and then milk that cup for 3 hours while they’re online. Coffee shop owners are saying that these “coffee shop dwellers” are taking up valuable seating space and preventing new customers from being seated. So the […]

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I Blame AT&T For The Eric Schmidt, Apple, & Google Voice Debacle

Here it is: The Google Voice app for the iPhone’s app store was denied by Apple. Eric Schmidt, probably one of the best board members that Apple could have, stepped down from the board completely. All of us – the iPhone community – are left without an iPhone app for Google Voice (even though you […]

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INQ Launching Twitter, Facebook Phones (video)

INQ Mobile has just announced they are releasing new phones designed to make it super easy and convenient to socialize on popular sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and to quickly and easily connect to others through instant messaging. Basically, a phone designed to allow you to quickly connect to others and use the major […]

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Yahoo & Microsoft Deal Not Just About Search

There was a filing today (Tuesday) from Yahoo to the Security and Exchange Commission that gave us more insight into the details of the Yahoo – Microsoft merger. Around the end of page 4, however, we start to get a glimpse that the deal is not just about search: In addition, Yahoo! may at its […]