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*COMING SOON* New Facebook App For The iPhone

One of the most popular iPhone apps (or category of apps) out there are the ones for Facebook. We are about to get a new Facebook app for the iPhone – directly from Facebook themself – but we have to wait just a little bit longer for it: “The app is pretty much done – […]

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5 Ways The iPhone Is Changing Your Life

I’m going to make a prediction – the iPhone will be the dominant piece of technology in the world replacing the following devices with a supporting link to read why, how, or in what way: * the laptop – link * the TV – link * the radio – link * DVD rentals – link […]

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Baby Boomers Are Booming On Facebook

You would think that Facebook users are made up of the young, tech savvy crowd.  But a study just released by iStrategyLabs tells a totally different story, and one where baby boomers who are flocking to Facebook in mass Here’s an except from the report: There has been a staggering increase in the number of […]

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An Alternative For Coffee Shops & Free Wifi

Coffee shops are starting to get fed up with people that come in, buy a $1 cup of coffee and then milk that cup for 3 hours while they’re online. Coffee shop owners are saying that these “coffee shop dwellers” are taking up valuable seating space and preventing new customers from being seated. So the […]

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I Blame AT&T For The Eric Schmidt, Apple, & Google Voice Debacle

Here it is: The Google Voice app for the iPhone’s app store was denied by Apple. Eric Schmidt, probably one of the best board members that Apple could have, stepped down from the board completely. All of us – the iPhone community – are left without an iPhone app for Google Voice (even though you […]

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The Secret To Yahoo's Success…

Bits has an article out today talking about Carol Bartz, Yahoo’s chief executive, an interview they did with her, and discussing some comments she made about Yahoo. Ms. Bartz specifically stated that, “We have never been a search company,” and again, “It is, ‘I am on Yahoo. I am going to do a search.” There […]

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2 Things A Business Needs To Know To Succeed On Twitter

So you’re thinking about using Twitter to market and brand your business? If so, then you’re not alone! As recent studies show, the working class age group (ages 25 – 54) is the largest demographic on Twitter, and this means businesses are flooding the site to market and network in mass. But as a business […]