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Facebook Starts Grouping Wall Updates By Topic

Ok, first of all I never realized that the official Facebook fan page has over 50 million fans. ¬†Wow… that sort of caught me off guard (not sure why…). Facebook announced they will be starting to group stories and updates … Continued

Facebook Updates Are More Positive In The Mornings

Facebook status updates are more positive during the morning hours, and get more negative as the day progresses. You probably could’ve guessed that someone, somewhere out there, would be crunching the data and analyzing the trends of emotions as it … Continued

Facebook Memology: Status Update Trends for 2010 Released

What Google calls “trends”, Facebook calls “memology”. Facebook memology refers to the study of how “memes,” or new ideas and trends, are spreading on Facebook (source). Who knew…? Regardless of whether we’re talking about Google, Twitter, and yes… now Facebook, … Continued