Yahoo Pushing Firefox Users To IE8 – Ironic, I know!

Is it me, or does it just seem ironic that Yahoo is now pushing Firefox users to switch to “The New Internet Explorer 8”?  My initial response is, “are you crazy, do you really think Firefox users are going to go back to the managerie of problems associated with Internet Explorer?”  I know I’m not! […]

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Is Twitter Down – Again?

Ok – maybe it’s just me, but i’ve tried openning in Twitter in… let’s see (Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Safari) four different browsers and I’m not getting anything. Since Facebook is apparently Twitter’s main competitor, let me jump over to Facebook real quick and see how that’s working – I’ll be right back. Ok – […]

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RockMelt – A New Facebook Integrated Browser

Introducing RockMelt – the Facebook browser that’s coming soon! When it comes to the Internet, there are shortages of browsers these days! We have Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari to keep us busy figuring out which one is best for us. But wait… there’s more!