New Gmail Option: Email Tasks List

Gmail just launched a new feature to their Task List called “Email Task List”.  This feature will allow you to simply email your entire task list. Here’s how it’s done: 1) Go to your Gmail 2) Click on “Tasks” 3) Once your Task screen opens, typically in the lower right hand corner of your Gmail […]

iPhone News Technology

Gmail Push For iPhone – Turn Your iPhone Into A Google Talk Device

The iPhone has a new app for Gmail users and it’s called the Push Email App For Gmail.  Tiverias apps is now proud to introduce Gpush. Gpush is an iPhone app for Gmail, and has apparently been a long awaited app for iPhone users.  You can get it for only $.99 in the App Store. […]

Facebook News Technology

Breaking News: Facebook Buys FriendFeed – Full Press Release Here

Facebook just announced they have purchased FriendFeed for an undisclosed amount. Although FriendFeeds’ traffic has flattened over the past few months, the user base is very loyal and seemingly drawn to FriendFeeds bipartisan approach to social networks. This acquisition might make FriendFeed users “not very happy”! Full Press Release Below


How To Sync Google Apps Calendar With Blackberry Storm

I’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to figure this out and to my surprise, there are no step by steps online on how to do sync Google Apps calendars with a Blackberry Storm. Now I’m just assuming that the same process would be the same for all Blackberrys, but maybe not. So here it […]