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3 Reasons Why The Nexus One Phone Will Thrive

Google’s Nexus One Phone is new to the market and has experienced disappointing sales so far, but here are 3 reasons why the phone will thrive! In today’s world, people are so quick to lose sight of sound business principles such as patience, iteration, and studying analytics.  Although the Google Nexus One phone is new […]

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Google Nexus One Outsells iPhone in February

Google Nexus One Outsells iPhone by 16% in February Just when you thought the Google Nexus One phone was having a hard time gaining traction in the market place, we are presented with a news release that tells breaks this trend. Last month, February, the Google Nexus One phone actually outsold the iPhone globally.

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Google Markets Nexus One From YouTube Home Page

Google has taken full advantage of their web properties when it comes to marketing the Nexus One Google phone.  When the phone first released a couple of weeks ago, Google immediately put a text link ad on their homepage ( to promote the Nexus One website.  Google has since taken down that link and replaced […]

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Could Twitter Be The Answer To Nexus One’s Custom Support Nightmare?

Google has been getting hammered the last couple of days over their customer support for the new Nexus One phone.  Complaints are piling up in forums on the web, and callers to HTC and T-Mobile are getting the run around… none of this is good for Google!

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Google’s Getting Gobbled Up With Terrible Customer Service On The Nexus One

Sure, Google created an amazing Android operating system for mobile phones.  And if they stuck to that – to just the operating system piece – then things might be going differently for Google right now. But Google decided to create it’s own branded phone – the Nexus One.  And along with that “own branded phone” […]

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Nexus One “Web Meets Phone” Video Surpasses 1 Million Views [video]

When Google’s Nexus One phone released on January 4th, an intro video called Web Meets Phone was released on YouTube. I remember watching this video when there was only around 60,000 views – but now, the video has surpassed 1 million views (1,064,952 views as of this article). Here’s the video that is at the top […]


Nexus One vs. iPhone – Side by Side Comparison [video]

I’ve written a lot about the Nexus One Google Phone here at my blog, but I’ve yet to post a video that compares the Nexus One to the iPhone. I’ve had a few people ask me lately about the comparison and since I only own the iPhone 3GS, I’m not really able to give a […]