How To Automatically Send Tweets (Twitter) To Facebook Fan Pages

**  UPDATE:  1/10/10 **

RSS Graffiti has updated their application, and is now the premier method for sending tweets to Facebook Fan Pages.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to set it – it’s now very easy to do:

Now you can automatically stream your Twitter updates to your Facebook Fan Page!

It is a problem that plagues a lot of Twitter / Facebook Fan Page owners.

People don’t want to be logging in a bunch of different social platforms – they just want to update Twitter and have it automatically update their Facebook Fan Page – and that’s what this tutorials achieves.

If you’d like me to help / set this up for you, then contact me here.

Here’s How To Send Tweets Automatically To Facebook Fan Pages

The method below is going to use the following services:,, and of course your Twitter profile and your Facebook Fan Page.

The assumption here is that you are an admin to your target Facebook Fan Page – if not, then following the steps below will not work.  You must first be an Admin on the Facebook Fan Page you desire to set up.

1) First, create an account at (opens in a separate window)

Add your email, password

2) Next screen, select ADD NETWORK link to the right of  “Facebook Fan Pages” (3rd down on left)

3) Click “Connect with Facebook” – this will log you into your Facebook profile.

Read the message on the page to understand more “To set up your Facebook profile and Facebook pages, you must first connect your Facebook account to You can do this by simply clicking the button below. Once you’ve connected, you will be prompted with more options and settings.”

4) Unclick all of the links on the Facebook Profile side (left side) unless you want to be updating your personal Facebook profile.

5) Then select the FB Fan Page on the right that you want to have your Twitter profile updating.

6) Once you click the fan page, a new facebook Connect box will open – go ahead and click “Allow”.


Make sure the following boxes in the “What messages to you want posted to your Facebook pages?” below your Facebook Fan Page(s) are selected: status updates, Upload and post photos to stream, and Post links to stream

This will ensure that any links you share in your tweets will make it over to your Facebook Fan Page stream.

7) Now hit “Save Settings” at the bottom of the list of your FB Fan Pages and you will then be taken back to the “Service Settings” page.

Look at what’s listed – if you see “Post messages to Facebook” is checked, then uncheck it – unless you want to be updating your personal Facebook profile with your tweets – and then make sure “Post messages to Facebook Pages” is checked.

8) Now click “Update Settings”

Moving On Now To

9) In a new window or tab, go ahead and open

10) Login to Twitter Feed

If you don’t have a TwitterFeed account, you can create your account, or you can login with OpenID (see the link below the white “Login” button.

I always sign in with my Yahoo sing in credentials, but you can sign in however you like.  Sometimes, TwitterFeed is unresponsive – just retype into your address bar and hit enter, this always works for me.

11) Once you are logged into Twitter feed, click the “create New Feed” button in the upper right hand corner.

12) Give your feed a name.

You may also consider incorporating SEO consulting services into your social media strategy as well.

13) Now go to your Twitter profile that you want to have update your FB Fan page and make sure you are logged in.

14) Click “Profile” and look toward the bottom of the right hand side for the RSS feed.

15) Go ahead and click that link (it’s the link next to the organge and white RSS box)

The window that opened is your Twitter profile’s RSS feed.

16) Copy the URL / Address that’s in the address bar (you should be able to just click once in the address bar > it will highlight the entire address > and either right click and click copy, or hit CTRL C to copy.

The URL that you are copying should look something like this:

17) Once you’ve copied your Twitter feed’s URL address, go back to your TwitterFeed profile and paste that URL into the box that says “RSS Feed URL”

18) Click “test rss feed” to make sure your feed is working.  You should get a green message with a check box that says “Feed parsed OK”

19) Make sure the “Active” box below your feed is checked.

20) Next click “Advanced Settings” and new section will open up that shows feed settings.

21) In “Update Frequency” select every 30 minutes > for “new updates at a time” select 5 > for “Post Content” select title only > click “Post Link” box > select “” as the Shorten link through setting > select “pubDate” for Post Sorting >> and that’s it – leave everything else blank.

** OPTION **  If you don’t want a link in your Fan Page updates that  point back to the tweets, then do not click the “Post Link” box.  By clicking the “Post Link” box, the updates on your Facebook Fan Page will have a shortened link that if clicked, will open up that particular tweet in your Twitter profile.

22) Now click “continue to Step 2”

Here’s where we are going to link your account.

23) Click the service

24) You now need your Application Key

25) Go back to (you should still be logged into Ping)

26) Click “Dashborad” (upper left hand corner)

27) Once on your Dashboard, find “Application Keys” on the right hand column around the middle of the page and click “Application Keys”

28) You should now be taken to your App Key screen.  Go ahead and copy your Web key and then paste it into the box on TwitterFeed that says “Your Appliction Key”

29) Now click the “Get Available Methods” link that’s to the right of the App key.

30) You should get “ method to update:” drop down menu > make sure “status” is selected.

Don’t worry about the UTM Tags and Optional Tags

31) Now go to the bottom and click “Create Service”

You should get the message “Service updated successfully”

32) Now click “All Done!” at the bottom

You should get the “Congratulations” message

33) Just click on “Go to Dashboard” to be taken back to your list of services on Twitter Feed.

It will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for the TwitterFeed settings to update – so now you just need to go grab a cup a coffee and come back to this “How To” in an hour or so!

See you in a little bit!


And we’re back.

34) Go back to your dashboard at

If you have a green check mark next to your “Feed Name”, then you are ready to start tweeting and having those tweets auto update your Facebook Fan Page.

35) Go to the Twitter profile you used the RSS feed for and start tweeting.

Remember your settings are set for “Every 30 minutes” to update  5 new updates.

This means your tweets will not instantly appear in your Facebook Fan Page > your TwitterFeed will update every 30 minutes and post up to 5 new tweets to your Facebook Fan Page.

Any questions?


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