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How To Find A Fan Of Your Facebook Fan Page And Make Them Admin

facebook fan page adminsI just had a great question from someone who has 19,100 fans on their Facebook Fan Page.  Their question was – “How can I find someone who was one of the first people to join my Facebook Fan Page, and then make them an admin?” They then proceeded to tell me they had over 19,000 fans, and this person they want to make “admin” was one of the first to become a fan – which means it wouldn’t be realistic to scroll through 19,000 fans trying to find them!

Here’s the simple solution to finding one of your fans, and making them an admin of your Facebook Fan Page:

1) Click “edit page” directly under your Facebook Fan Page profile picture

2) Once you click “edit page” you are now looking at your Facebook Fan Page dashboard > look to the right hand column and scroll down until you find the “Admins” section.

3) Once your find the “Admins” section, you’ll see an “ADD” link > go ahead and click the “ADD” link

4) After you click the “ADD” link a new window will pop up of all of your Facebook friends – you can then search by name for the person you are looking for > click there image (you’ll see a white check mark appear)

5) After you’ve selected the person you want to make admin, then click the “Add Admins” button at the bottom of that window

That’s it! You can select as many of your Facebook friends as you like to admin your Facebook Fan Page – there is no limit.

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