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SEC Twitter, Facebook Ban Update

Here’s the SEC Twitter, Facebook Ban Update As you remember from yesterday, the SEC was scheduled to update their policies on social media access and sharing during the upcoming football season. Basically, the SEC was getting worried about the use of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc… and the distribution of content, videos, photos, live feeds of […]

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The SEC Wants To Ban Sharing on Twitter, Facebook During Games

Have you heard this one yet? The SEC (South Eastern Conference) is now trying to control, no… eliminate, social media activity from fans during football games. That means leave your iPhone, Blackberry’s, and Twitter / Facebook hungry mobile phones at home – the SEC says you might just be breaking the law if you start […]

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UFC 101 – Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin Video Found On Twitter, Not YouTube

So here I am, wanting to check out the results of the UFC 101 fight between Anderson Siva and Forrest Griffin and I did what any reasonably minded person would do – I went to YouTube! I mean, if there’s a relevant video out there, surely I could find it on YouTube right? WRONG

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Twitter Launches NFL Football With Bills vs. Titans & Vince Young

Well, if you wanted an early indication of the impact that Twitter will have on the upcoming football season, take a look at the trending topics at 9:30pm eastern time: 4 out of the 6 trending topics are directly related to the Bills / Titan game making reference to “NFL” “Football” “Bills” and “Vince Young”. […]

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What Apple and LeBron James Have In Common

Question: What does LeBron James and Apple have in common? Answer: they both made the mistake of thinking they can keep information “silent” in today’s information age! LeBron made this mistake when he thought that he could keep a video leaking of Xavier’s Jordan Crawford dunking on him at some basketball camp (see video below). […]