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Microsoft Surface Pro Price Drops $100

In an effort to attract more business and to answer the calls of its customers wanting a more affordable tablet, Microsoft Surface Pro price drops $100, a discount that applies to the 64 and 128 Gigabyte models. Along with the tablets, Microsoft is also including a discount bundle which includes a Microsoft Surface Pro, Home […]

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Apple found guilty of conspiracy to raise the price of e-books

A federal judge has ruled that Apple, in conjunction with five major publishers, conspired to remove retail competition within the fast growing e-book market. “Apple chose to join forces with the publisher defendants to raise e-book prices and equipped them with the means to do so,” noted U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in a 156-page […]

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Apple iPads Back on Shelves in Shanghai, China

Last week Apple had a scare as Proview Technology (Shenzhen) had filed a trademark infringement case stating that they owned the “iPad” trademark before Apple did in China.  The iPads started to disappear from shelves because all retailers had to stop selling them for legal reasons.  Some were hiding them and selling them under the […]

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Google’s New Smartphone Glasses – Will you wear them?

In case you’ve been living under a rock today… or don’t listen to the radio, news, or have a chance to check out Google News, you’ve probably heard about Google’s New Smartphone Glasses with a Heads up Display (AKA HUD).  These glasses will allow you to connect to your smartphone and view a screen inside […]

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Mobile App Maker Allows You to Build Applications Quickly – ShoutEm

I stumbled across a really cool mobile app maker which allows you to effortlessly build mobile applications without knowing a lot of code or design techniques.  This application is great for those of us who have tons of mobile application ideas but can’t seem to get over the hurdle of kick-starting them into development because […]

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Amazon Tablet Will Be iPads Biggest Competitor

Exactly when the Amazon tablet is going to hit the market is unknown at this point.  Most speculation puts Amazon releasing their Android tablet sometime in October.  With analysts expecting Amazon to sell nearly 5 million units of their tablet in Q4, this leaves less than three full months to achieve this number. But with […]

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Samsung Galaxy S II Announced, Along with New Galaxy Tab 8.9

Despite Hurricane Irene rolling through New York City this weekend, the Samsung event in NYC went on where a a new Galaxy S II smartphone and Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet were announced. Here’s the Samsung News Conference coverage from the LA Times blog talking about the new Samsung Galaxy S II and the new Galaxy […]