Are Phablets the Wave of the Future or a Passing Fad?

Phablet sales are soaring, according to iSuppli, a market research company. In 2012, 25.6 million “phablets”—or hybrid smart phones and tablets with screens 5” or larger—shipped worldwide. That number is predicted to reach 146 million by 2016. In fact, phablets … Continued

Why I’m Selling My iPad

The day I found out I had enough points collected over the lifetime of my MasterCard, my mind went crazy thinking about what I could buy.  Shortly before this I was thinking of how useful and fun an iPad would … Continued

Microsoft Locks in 100$ price cut to Surface Pro

Microsoft announced: “The response of the customers to the recent Surface Pro tablet pricing and the cover promotions are very exciting, so we are very proud to begin roll out of the Surface Pro Tablets, Surface touch covers and the … Continued

Microsoft Surface Pro Price Drops $100

In an effort to attract more business and to answer the calls of its customers wanting a more affordable tablet, Microsoft Surface Pro price drops $100, a discount that applies to the 64 and 128 Gigabyte models. Along with the … Continued