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The Twitter Effect – How Twitter Can Make Or Break Your Business

How Twitter can make or break your business, product, or service is simple actually – Twitter gives you real time feedback from real people, with real opinions that matter. It’s time for you to launch your business, product, or service, and you’re looking for a way to get feedback.  Feedback for your venture is critical […]

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3 Things Your Competitors Wish You Didn’t Know

When it comes to online marketing, the measure stick is very simple – conversions! I’ve been working with clients long enough to know that when they spend money on Internet marketing, the only thing they care about is how much their phone rings from prospects, and how many new sales are generated – period. So […]

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How Twitter & Facebook Are Different (for now…)

Here’s a quick, down and dirty way that Twitter and Facebook are different! Twitter is primarily a broadcast tool.  It’s not very easy to follow a discussion unless you happen to be following both of the people involved in the conversation – in fact, it’s impossible to follow it in conversational type format. Facebook allows […]

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The iPhone, Facebook Fan Pages, & Permission Based Marketing

There is an amazing development that is about to be unleashed on the mobile Internet world! The Facebook 3.0 iPhone App has been submitted to Apple for approval in the Apps store, and when it comes out officially, it is going to revolutionize the way businesses are able to perform “permission based marketing” while on […]


The Microsoft Fune – This Is Hilarious!

Is the world ready for The Microsoft Fune? Microsoft is all about finding a way to make it’s presence known in any market that is hot! Well, there’s no market hotter right now than the mobile phone market, and Microsoft has it’s answer:  The Microsoft Fune! Without getting into the details and boring you to […]

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Facebook Fan Pages For iPhones Coming in Facebook 3.0 iPhone App

The Facebook 3.0 iPhone App has been submitted to Apple is awaiting approval! That approval could come at any minute, and believe me, when it does, you’ll know about it from here, and from throughout the tech blogosphere. There are great write ups about the fullness and power of Facebook 3.0 iPhone App here, here, […]

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FanFeedr – The Evolution of Sports News

Have you heard of FanFeedr? Me neither until today.  And let me tell you what drew me to their site. It’s not the fact that they advertise themselves as having live, up to the minute news, Twitter updates, videos, and more from sports, nor was it the fact that I could actually type in “Georgia […]