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Facebook Places Hits The Blackberry

Blackberry users have something to be really excited about today regarding the Facebook for Blackberry application. Facebook has just released the “Facebook Places for Blackberry” feature. Now you can start “checking in” to the places you visit and let your friends know where you are, where you are shopping, or where you’re eating, etc… For […]


Blackberry Storm 3 Expected Sometime in November

News is spreading within the Blackberry circles that the new Blackberry Storm 3 will be released sometime at the end of November 2010. These reports are originating with analysts firm Jeffries & Co. who issued a note stating that the Blackberry Storm 3 is scheduled to be hit the market place at the end of […]

Android iPhone Mobile News Technology Videos For Blackberry App Coming Tomorrow (Breaking) is set to announce their Blackberry App tomorrow, October 13th, through their news release channels. But you get a first glance of the for Blackberry app right here at SMSEO! is already a hugely popular app for the iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphones. Primarily, Newsy offers news and content through video, allowing […]


NASDAQ:RIMM, Wall Street Not Impressed With Blackberry Playbook

Well it didn’t take long for us to learn how Wall Street felt about RIMM’s new Blackberry Playbook tablet. No sooner did the stock market open this morning did RIMM shares (NASDAQ:RIMM) start nose diving. RIMM shares are currently down -3.64% or -1.76 points at $46.60 per share. Not sure exactly what Wall Street didn’t […]

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The Blackberry Playbook Tablet (Specs, Video, and Images)

Up until yesterday, the tablet everyone thought Blackberry was going to come out with was the Blackberry Blackpad. But lo and behold, they changed things up on us and announced the new Blackberry Playbook tablet. The Blackberry Playbook is being touted as the first multi-demensional, enterprise ready tablet on the market. Now I’m not too […]

Android Mobile

T-Mobile G2 won’t have Tethering but could have Wi-fi Calling

According to some leaked internal documents from  The T-Mobile G2 could have a Wi-Fi calling option on the handset. Although the Wi-Fi calling on the T-Mobile G2 won’t be the same as on some of T-Mobile’s Blackberry handsets. The T-Mobile G2 will not switch between Wi-Fi calling and the cellular network. So once you’re […]

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US Banks Might Say Goodbye To Blackberrys and Hello to iPhones

The days of the Blackberry dominating the corporate scene could be coming to close. Reuters is reporting that major US banks such as JPMorgan and UBS are starting to test out the iPhone and other Android smartphones that would replace their Blackberry’s. If RIM (Blackberry maker) loses it’s grip on the corporate world, it would […]