July 24, 1963 – Bill Clinton Video Shaking Hands With President John F. Kennedy

Have you seen this video yet?  What caught me by surprise more than anything is that it’s a video from 1963 that is being watched on YouTube – amazing!

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Using Twitter To Educate Yourself About Your Industry, Markets, & Competitors

The more people use Twitter, the more uses people are discovering for the social media site. Certainly one use that cannot be overlooked, and should be used by any business, is the use of educating yourself! Educating yourself with Twitter can be extremely valuable for any business because: 1) You can gain insight into your […]

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How Social Media Can Be Used As Permission Based Marketing

I see three forms of social media that can be used by businesses for permission based marketing. You must realize that intrusive marketing and spam is dead – in fact, it doesn’t nothing more than make people mad. Why???  Because they didn’t ask to receive your information. Permission based marketing opens up a whole new […]

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How To Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Wanna drive highly targeted traffic to your website – and do it in a way where Google can’t punish you? If so, then you better start using Twitter! I believe Twitter is most relevant in its link sharing ability. There is really no greater platform, that I’ve ever seen, where links have been shared and […]

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INQ Launching Twitter, Facebook Phones (video)

INQ Mobile has just announced they are releasing new phones designed to make it super easy and convenient to socialize on popular sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and to quickly and easily connect to others through instant messaging. Basically, a phone designed to allow you to quickly connect to others and use the major […]

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The Marines Ban On Social Networking Is Only On Government Computers

I want to try to bring some balance and understanding to the latest news about the Marines banning social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. A recent blog post at Digits – The Wall Stree Journal’s technology blog – stated that: The Marine ban formalizes an existing block on social-networking sites on its government computers, […]