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Instagram CEO plans to grow bigger Facebook

Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook in 2012, has set some ambitious targets for itself in the coming years. During the course of his interview with a digital portal, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has outlined the plan for his group within Facebook. Instagram CEO thinks Instagram could actually outgrow Facebook in the coming years. The […]

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Cat Beard Website a Big Hit

So, after creating my cat beard website I already have a great following on instagram (@catbeardswag) as well as the website itself.  The real traffic is surprisingly coming from my instagram following.  The website now has over 112 followers in just a few days.  I made is so users could submit their own cat beards […]

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Making Social Media Work in Unglamorous Industries

You’re undoubtedly aware that social media is a great way for businesses to reach potential customers and increase brand awareness. These days it’s an intrinsic part of marketing as it’s cheap, user-friendly and allows access to billions of people. But while it’s easy for a homewares company to make the most of Pinterest, it can […]

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Ice-T Disrespected By CoCo On Instagram {Pictures}

Ice-T was recently disrespected by his wife, Coco after she posted pictures with another guy on her Instagram account.  She apologized for the pictures and said that was as far as the two went but Ice-t posted a few venting comments on his Twitter account about the situation saying they were “disrespectful” and he was […]

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Twitter Expected to Offer Instagram-like Photo Filters by 2013

In an effort to remain competitive with Facebook’s Intragram, Twitter may be providing Instagram-like photo-filtering services before the end of December 2012. Apparently the photo-filtering will be an integrated service in Twitter’s established website and application software. Twitter employees are reportedly already testing this new feature. Numerous blogging websites have already speculated on what kind […]

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New Instagram Profile Update : In Action

Instagram finally rolled out the new profile page for my account.  As mentioned yesterday, they are starting to change everyone over automatically to these profiles. Overall, I think it makes nice use of my pictures.  The banner automatically rotates the images in real time.  What do you think?

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Instagram New Non-Mobile Profile Rollouts Begin

Instagram is starting to roll out online profiles that look like Facebook.  If you remember, Instagram was acquired by Facebook this past September for $715 million so it wasn’t too much of a shock that they made Instagram into a Facebook style layout for non-mobile browsing.  It makes you wonder if it’s going to take […]