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Apple found guilty of conspiracy to raise the price of e-books

A federal judge has ruled that Apple, in conjunction with five major publishers, conspired to remove retail competition within the fast growing e-book market. “Apple chose to join forces with the publisher defendants to raise e-book prices and equipped them with the means to do so,” noted U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in a 156-page […]

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Apples Strategic move to Patent ‘iWatch’ In Japan

The recent move by Apple to seek ‘iWatch’ patent in Japan has been watched closely by many market players. This is a move set to protect the electronic giant market share in many ways. It is going to definitely protect the name of a product that is set to dramatically change computerized gadgets. ‘Iwatch’ is […]

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Apple Installs ‘Kill Switch’ To Deter iPhone Thieves

The extreme popularity of Apple’s products has made their owners a constant target of thieves across the globe. Theft cases involving these products have become so high that a term, ‘apple picking’ has been coined to describe such theft. The thieves seemingly choose to target iPads and iPhones. This is due to the high value […]

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Unlock iPhone Passcode Screen Bug Fixed

Did you know there was a recent bug that allowed users to bypass the iPhone unlock screen without knowing the code?  Well, they quickly addressed this issue with the new update.  I haven’t seen too many details around that explain specifically how users were able to gain access to iPhones without the passcode, but I’m […]

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Google Updates Maps – Find Places and Friends Easier

Google delivers yet another blow to Apple after they just updated their maps to make finding places and friends easier than ever.  They now have a set of icons where you can filter your searches making it a lot easier to find a gas station, restaurant or coffee shop.  Android users have had this feature […]

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Huge iOS6 Google Map Problem In Australia : Stranding Motorists

Mildura Police are urging motorists to find alternatives to the recent Apple Map system released with the iPhone IOS 6 after a few motorists have been redirected to the wrong location and have been stranded.  Some have been stranded without water for up to 24 hours.  The police are very concerned since the Park can […]

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Walmart’s Black Friday Flyer is Here {2012 Ad}

It seems companies are starting to market holiday sales earlier and earlier.  Before Halloween was over I started seeing Christmas supplies in stores!  It used to be a sale right after Thanksgiving, but now they are also starting to give deals before Black Friday.  Walmart released their New Black Friday Ad for 2012 already. Their […]