NASDAQ:AAPL – Apple Shares Ahead of NASDAQ in August

Apple shares have been able to rise above the overall tech sector so far in the month of August. The NASDAQ (NASDAQ:.IXIC) is currently at 2,178.95, -19.28 (-0.88%) for the month. Apple share (NASDAQ:AAPL) are currently at 249.88, +4.3 (1.75%). I … Continued

Are You Ready For iPhone 5?

Some people are already saying that iPhone 5 will replace your wallet. ComputerWorld has some information about a new hire at Apple who’s name is Benjamin Vigier. Vigier is a near field communications (NFC) expert, and has the expertise to figure … Continued

White iPhone 4, How To Get One Now

Wanna know how to get a coveted white iPhone 4 right now? You don’t necessarily have to wait to for Apple, and Apple suppliers, to get all of their logistic and production issues squared away before you own the white … Continued

White iPhone 4 Availability Update

The white iPhone 4 has become one of the hottest, most in demand mobile phones in history. It was once believed that August (this month) would be the white iPhone 4 release date. However, white iPhone 4 supply problems prevented … Continued