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10 Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Ecommerce Platform for SEO

How can you choose the best ecommerce platform for SEO? Here are some tips on how to select the best SEO-friendly platform. Search engine optimization used to be easy. You selected a keyword and away you went. Now Google uses a sophisticated algorithm that considers around 200 factors when ranking pages. This means you need […]

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A Content Writer’s Guide to Website Keywords

When it comes to choosing website keywords, it isn’t just about finding the phrase with a high volume Read on to learn what to consider when choosing keywords. Wondering how to choose your website keywords? Did you know the advent of Hummingbird, Google’s newest algorithm overhaul, has changed the face of SEO? Before Google released […]


What To Look For When Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is extremely competitive with businesses trying to attain that top spot for certain keywords. While search engine rankings are important establishing a brand of trust with good ethics as far as marketing goes is also important. Startups often times choose to outsource their marketing effort instead of hiring multiple employees […]

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Effective Business Web Design Tips You Need to Know Asap

A business’ website can make or break them. Check out these business web design tips and tricks and make sure you’re getting the greatest customer reach you can. Are you creating a new or revamped website for your business? Business web design doesn’t have to be complicated or challenging, but there are certain standards you […]

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Marketing Legends Share Their Top Advice to Advance Any Business

Before, when someone would say marketing, people would automatically think of colorful banners or TV commercials. Now, when you say marketing, you mean online branding, or automated ad tech. It is clear that our reality is getting absorbed by the digital one due to the many benefits that it brings. But staying on the right […]

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The Digital Marketing Formula That Guarantees Results

It seems to some like the whole world is online. The web is no longer just a place to look up information but acts as a growing platform for commerce. Websites have become a must-have device for anyone running a business, whether they are a sole entrepreneur or a CEO of a large corporation. Being […]

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How to Write Content and Achieve Higher Web Traffic

If you are an online entrepreneur, you can never deny the fact that content is everything. Your brand just couldn’t stay alive without it, so it has become crucial for you to focus on putting out relevant, enticing, and interesting information for your audience. After all, you can’t win any customers if you don’t reel […]