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Couple Writes Apology Letter to Burglar

Kate Barrett, 36, and Dan Owens’ didn’t know the letter they wrote to the burglar after they were robbed would go viral.  They wrote a not that said ” sorry for not having particularly expensive tastes” and also criticized the robbers for not stealing Barrett’s “awful” video collection.  ‘So many people just sit around and […]

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Frozen McRib Freaks People Out

McDonalds is the latest company to be at the end of a social media frenzy.  This one after an employee posted a picture of a frozen McRib that obviously looks disgusting.  The McRib is processed, then formed in the shape of ribs and if you can imagine, it doesn’t look too good when it’s frozen.  […]

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Facebook Giraffe Riddle – Why your friends are now giraffes

Over the past few days there has been a viral riddle circulating the internet called “the Great Giraffe Challenge”.  The Facebook Giraffe Riddle has been an internet phenomenon, leading some to think the riddle may be linked to a virus by hackers who want to steal Facebook accounts.  The riddle goes like this: “3:00am, the […]

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Dunkin’ Donuts Customer Rant Over Receipt {Viral Video}

Taylor Chapman, a 27-year-old woman who hails from Florida, apparently has a pet peeve with regards to a minor mistake in customer service. She claimed that a receipt was not given to her when she purchased from a Dunkin’ Donuts store and decided to capture a video as proof that she would be compensated with […]

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Get a Facebook Friends Poster Print – On Your Wall

This may sound like an infomercial but I promise I’m not selling this… If you want to show off your Facebook friends on an actual wall poster, can make you one, whether it’s a poster for your wall, for your locker, or you have a genius idea for a custom Facebook poster. It’s a […]

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Viral Elderly Couple Testing New Webcam Video

There’s a video going viral very quick of  sweet elderly couple testing out their new webcam.  They don’t seem to notice they are being recorded and keep talking trying to figure out how to take a picture on the computer.  It’s really funny because you have to admire the fact that this old couple is […]

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The Ultimate Local Business Marketing Strategy

I just received an update on some of my clients that have a Google Places listing. This is basically a Google Maps profile that promotes their business in Google anytime someone searches for their type of business from a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile phone. The person types in the search phrase, and the local […]