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China Unicom Set To Bring Wifi To iPhone

Until now, if you purchased an iPhone in China you did so without having access to Wifi.  That means, no Internet!  China actually refused, up until now, to have any Wifi enabled devices in the country unless they were running on the official government Wifi network called WAPI (Wired Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure).


Windows 7 Mobile Phone {DEMO VIDEO}

Windows Mobile 7 OS Here’s a demo of the new Windows 7 mobile phone operating system.  The Windows 7 mobile phone OS was announced this week by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the MWC (Mobile World Congress).

Android Mobile Technology

Google Text Translation via Mobile Phones

At the World Mobile Congress today, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt demonstrated a new software being test for Android based devices that would offer instant text translation via your mobile phone.  So no longer do you need to be in another country, or a restaurant where the menu isn’t in English, and struggle to interpret what […]

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MWC Breaking News – Windows Mobile 7 Pics Leaked

In about an hour, at 9am EST, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to announce the new Windows Mobile 7 platform at the Mobile World Congress (MMC) in Barcelona, Spain.  However, hours before the scheduled announcement, some photos of the new Windows 7 mobile platform were leaked by Learnbemobile, a German mobile blog, got a […]

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Twitter Welcomes White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

The White House announced today that the press secretary, Robert Gibbs, has joined Twitter!  You can follow Robert Gibbs, and confirm his Twitter profile, at @PressSec. Robert Gibbs’ sent off his very first Twitter update (tweet) about 7 hours ago with this:  “Learning about ‘the twitter’ – easing into this with first tweet – any […]

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Barack Obama’s $3.8 Trillion Dollar Budget Get’s Blasted

About one week after President Barack Obama made his case of lower deficits to the American people during his State of the Union Address, he presented a $3.8 trillion dollar budget to congress.  And there is really only one word to describe the reception that his budget received, especially amongst Republicans – “BLASTED!”

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Law Library of Congress Has New Facebook Fan Page

Law Library of Congress When the Law Library of Congress gets a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter profile, you know it’s serious… If government agencies are investing their time, money, and efforts into social media like this, then it’s obviously something that is relevant!