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Poly9 3D Mapping Acquired By Apple, Apple Earth Coming?

Poly9 has been acquired by Apple for an undisclosed amount, according to AppleInsider. Poly9 is a web based, 3D mapping company from Quebec, Canada that creates interactive mapping software for use in a web browser. Poly9 employees were moved from Quebec to Apple headerquarters inCupertino, California and asked not to discuss the Poly9 acquisition. So […]

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Android Update: Droid Eris Updates to Android 2.1

Android Update: Droid Eris Updates to Android 2.1 According to ZDNet writer Joel Evans, the Droid Eris mobile phone received an update to the Android 2.1 version of the Android OS. Here are some features that he mentioned for the new Android 2.1 update: New Leap thumbnail view, which lets you pinch to jump between […]

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Google Maps get’s updated

Google Maps get’s updated Google released a small update to their Google Maps application. The update includes biking directions so your can map out your bike ride. A new biking layer will show the bike trails and roads with bike lanes in the area your searching in. The update also include a navigation short cut in the app drawer. It’s […]

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HTC DROID Eris is getting Android 2.1 today

Well according to a tweet from HTC saying the HTC DROID Eris is getting Android 2.1 today.

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Verizon says Droid Eris update coming soon

Verizon says Droid Eris update coming soon Well if you own a Droid Eris for Verizon you could be expecting an update to your handset. According to Verizon literature the Droid Eris is getting software update version ROM: 2.36.605.1/Radio: The features of the update will included pinch-to-zoom in the Gallery & Google Maps, support […]

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Blackberry Gets Google Maps 4.0 with Voice Search

Blackberry Gets Google Maps 4.0  with Voice Search Google has been aggressively rolling out their Google Maps for Mobile program across multiple devices. The one device that is of particular interest to Google is the Blackberry. Google announced via their Google Mobile blog that they have just rolled out the Google Maps with voice search for […]


The Bible Meets Google Maps

When it comes to the Bible, anyone who reads it, goes to church, or studies scripture knows that everything in the Bible is related to certain locations. Events are described in detail throughout the Bible, and locations, rivers, mountains, hilltops, etc… are all relevant to each and every story. So it makes sense that someone […]