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Cost Breakdown for The Upcoming iPad 3G

What will the upcoming iPad 3G cost? Check out the numbers below. As you know, tomorrow brings a new opportunity for you to go crazy over a new gadget – the Apple iPad.


Stay Home If You Want iPad WiFi + 3G

No iPad 3G If you think you are going to get an iPad 3G tomorrow, then you need to just stay home! There’s been one looming issue I’ve had with this whole iPad release taking place tomorrow. There is no 3G! It’s really been perplexing to me as to why Apple would release the iPad […]

iPhone Technology

China Unicom Set To Bring Wifi To iPhone

Until now, if you purchased an iPhone in China you did so without having access to Wifi.  That means, no Internet!  China actually refused, up until now, to have any Wifi enabled devices in the country unless they were running on the official government Wifi network called WAPI (Wired Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure).

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I’ll Buy The iPad When it Has Wifi & 3G

I have been an avid Apple fan for the last two years (thanks Windows Vista) and have purchased just about every Apple product since then. I have lately felt as though Apple has a strategic plan to create products that entice us to buy but not satisfy.


Woman Stealing Wifi Connection {VIDEO}

A lady called in to Leo Laporte’s Tech Guy Show claiming her WI-FI access has “disappeared”.  What really happened was that she doesn’t even have a router and she’s been stealing someones wi-fi for the past year.  She even bought a wi-fi extender hoping to get it back. Here’s the BEST Tech Guy caller EVER. […]

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Astronaut Tweets Breakfast Menu & Answers Questions via Twitter

NASA astronaut TJ Creamer made history last week when he sent the very first tweet from outer space.  And yesterday he made another claim to fame by tweeting the first every breakfast order from outer space.  Responding to a question about what he had for breakfast, Creamer tweeted “this morn I had granola with blueberries, […]

Mobile Technology

Gmail Now Defaults To HTTPS Secured

Gmail previously gave you an option to use either HTTP (unsecured) or HTTPS (secured) settings while logged into, and using Gmail. However, Gmail has taken the steps to turn on HTTPS (secured) by default for all Gmail users. Previously, Gmail deferred from making HTTPS secured because of latency issues – causing Gmail to run slower.