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Google PageRank Updates – What’s Your PageRank?

Google PageRank Update For those of you that follow your Google PageRank, you might have gotten a good surprise today (or bad, depending…) Google’s PageRank seems to have updated on the Google Toolbar. A lot of webmasters and SEO’s follow the Google PageRank indicator in an attempt to visually get a feel for how “healthy” […]

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How To Fix Windows XP (computer) Boot Up Problems Once And For All…

I work on a lot of computers for family, friends, and clients.  And I would say that at least 6 out 10 problems I see are associated with the boot up sequence of the computer. Today was no exception.  The laptop was a Dell Latitude D630 and when you turned it on, it immediately booted […]

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Google Adwords ROI – It’s All About The Analytics *Video*

Google Adwords ROI (return on investment) should be the #1 focus of any Adwords campaign! Unfortunately, most advertisers have no idea how to measure ROI and don’t give it a second thought.  They simply build a quick campaign, launch, and then find themselves thousands of dollars in the hole in a very short period of […]

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Sarah Palin – Facebook Is Her New Platform

Sarah Palin definitely knows how to grab attention, and now she’s using Facebook as her new tool for sharing. Her recent update on Facebook was about President Obama’s health care reform, here it is: The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have […]