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Blackberry and Facebook Fan Pages

What’s Up Blackberry? Granted, I’m not a Blackberry user, but I have several friends who use the Blackberry and who also have Facebook Fan Pages. The only way to currently update a Facebook Fan Page from a Blackberry is to go to the mobile web browser (

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Will Blackberry Ever Make A Facebook Fan Page App?

Unfortunately, for all of you Blackberry users, you still don’t have a Facebook app that links easily to a Facebook Fan Page! So I will just apologize to you on behalf of Blackberry, because I know that it’s very frustrating to you. Of course you have a Facebook App for your Blackberry, but that’s only […]

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Twitter is #1 On Mobile Phones

I just found an interesting article at that highlights some research done on social media activity from mobile phones.  In summary, the research shows that Twitter is the most popular social media activity conducted on mobile phones. Of course, talking on mobiles would probably be the most popular activity overall – but next to […]

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*Breaking* Vonage To Launch iPhone & Blackberry App For Internation Calls

The attacks on traditional phone companies and services is relentless.  And now Vonage, the VOIP (or Internet connected phone calls) service provider adds a new threat to the mix – an iPhone and Blackberry app that will make Internation calls. We’ve seen recent attacks against traditional phone services with the likes of Google Voice trying […]


How To: Use Gmail As Your Personal Assistant

Gmail Search I was speaking to a friend this morning who has a lot of usernames and passwords for a lot of different online applications and software.  He needed to create a new Gmail account which added another username and password for him to create. He got frustrated, understandably, because he said, “how in the […]

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iPhone MMS Is Here – Learn How To Enable Your iPhone

The long awaited MMS for iPhone update from AT&T is finally here!  After waiting throughout the summer for AT&T to bring this online, you can now go into your iTunes, install the update and rebook your iPhone. Here’s how to enable MMS on your iPhone:

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Blackberry For Facebook Fan Pages Sucks

Facebook Fan Pages on Blackberrys I get questions all the time from people who have a Blackberry and want to update / manage their Facebook Fan Pages from their phone.  Of course the first statement I always get is “well the iPhone has Facebook 3.0 which can do it – why doesn’t Blackberry?” Blackberry does […]